Association Membership Dues to Increase July 1

So many people put off becoming a member of the USAO Alumni Association until later in life, but there is an incentive to become a member before July 1.

Starting July 1, annual memberships in the USAO Alumni Association will increase to $50 and life memberships will go to $500 (payable in two $250 installments). Currently, annual memberships are $35 and life memberships are $250 (payable in five installments of $50).

“Anyone who updates his or her annual membership or starts a life membership before July 1 will pay the current price,” said Eric Feuerborn, executive director of the USAO Alumni Association. Even if an annual membership is paid now, it will be valid through June 30, 2015 – which gives the member a few extra paid months. These increases have no impact on current life members. Once you've paid for your life membership, it is yours. Those who are already paying on a life membership will pay the original $250 as well."

With membership dues, the Alumni Association supports alumni speakers on campus, many student programs and the dues support the day-to-day expenses of the Association. “Our board has a vision to be involved in a student’s life from the time he or she enters the door of USAO. Everything from alumni speakers to a mentoring program to sponsoring student leadership programs is supported by membership dues. As these programs are expanded, the cost expands as well.”

In addition to restructuring the membership dues, the Association will add a new level of membership – the Minerva Member – July 1. “The Minerva Membership will be $1,000 for current life members and $1,500 for non-life members.

“We already have our first Minerva member. You don’t have to wait until July 1 to purchase the membership,” Feuerborn said. More information about the Minerva level of membership.

“It is the goal of the Board of Directors to put membership fees into a reserve fund and to operate from the income of that fund so that the Association can be sustainable and is ready for growth for many years to come.”

For more information, call the Alumni Office at 405-574-1290 or email. Annual and lifetime memberships also can be purchased online.

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