Student National Education Association (SNEA)

Contact Person: Dakota Brown
Meeting Schedule: 

 Books for Tots fundraisers!   Help us by buying and/or selling raffle tickets, spreading the word, and/or soliciting donations.  See Dr. Mather or SNEA/KDP officers for tickets or flyers. 

     We will be selling raffle tickets for a pair of Dec. 21st tickets to the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. New Orleans Pelicans game!  $2 each or 3 for $5. Drawing is Dec. 1st.

     Support through gofundme.  Visit and post to your facebook or email to your friends/family.

 Books for Tots work days--Dec 3rd-6th, Dec 8th-13th, especially11th & 12th, essentially 8-5pm daily.  Contact Dr. Mather 574-1291, to volunteer. (Even an hour is helpful.)


Club/Org. Description

The SNEA desires to advance the interests and welfare of students preparing for a career in education; to stimulate the highest ideals of professional ethics, standards and attitudes; and to develop prespective educators an understanding of the educational profession.