Our Services


Allison Collins | Psychology

“I feel confident entering the work force due to the resources offered through Career Services. They offer so much help for resumes, career exploration and graduate study programs.”

Catelyn Perry | Director of Counseling, Disability & Career Services

“At times, the pressures and responsibilities of college life can seem stressful and overwhelming. Some students may feel overwhelmed with academic, career, relationship, personal, family and other concerns. If this is you, I'd love to help!”

Samantha Ribaudo | Deaf Ed

“From making interpreters available whenever I need one to providing a specialized writing tutor, Catelyn Perry and all the services available at USAO have helped me grow as an individual and excel as a student.”

Chris Basco | Director of Health Services

“USAO Health Services provides minor emergency care and several over the counter medications to our students, faculty and staff. Come see me in Nobbs Wellness Center!”

Sheyanne Mcglothlin | Business

“USAO Student Services provides all types of services to our students, faculty and staff. Come up to the third floor of the Student Center and see us for parking permits, ID cards and other questions or services.”