Future Students


Elaynie Melton / Elementary Education

“ USAO offers free tutoring, direct contact with the professors, friendly staff and the campus is environmentally friendly, too. ”


Galela Kirkland / Biology

“ I transferred to USAO because of its great biology program and its home-like campus that is filled with friendly, helpful and unique faculty and students.    ”


Phil Pryor / Business

“ USAO is a small yet great unit, everyone is nice and you get to meet so many different amazing people. This, with the good teaching and small classes, really completes USAO. ”


Jordan Danser / Mathematics

“ Having attended as a high school student, it gave me a great opportunity to get the feel of what USAO was like.  ”


Shannyn Spaulding / Early Childhood

“ The people at USAO are great! I enjoy going to class and learning something new in a supportive environment. ”


Mary C. Newcome-Hatch / Political Science and History

“ Everyone has been nice, and that says a lot about USAO! As an older student, a commuting student, and as a woman, I have been very comfortable walking around campus. I have felt no qualms for safety. ”