Lyssa Snow

USAO is like Hogwarts. The campus is magical, the students are diverse, and USAO is always there to welcome you home.

I discovered USAO my freshman year of high school at a college fair and it was love at first sight. When I visited USAO my sophomore year, I knew this was the college for me. I didn't even apply anywhere else (which, looking back, was pretty stupid) because I knew USAO was where I belonged. My sense of belonging was heightened when I arrived at USAO in the fall of 2010 and began to make friends and developed a relationship with a fellow freshman. Now that I'm a sophomore, I've definitely found my niche with Lit Club and a circle of good friends. One of the great things about USAO is how you can really find a place where you belong. Your voice can really be heard in clubs because the student body is so small. You can also make a name for yourself academically because the professors know who you are and care about your success. I can't imagine being anywhere else and I will be so sad to leave USAO, my second home, on graduation day.