Drover Proud

Jacquelyn Tideman / English

The English department at USAO is phenomenal.

Ginger Tinney

 I loved USAO … I chose it mainly for two reasons: I wanted that one-on-one with professors and the summer trimester options.

Molly Tracy / Political Science

I came to USAO from the East Coast, wondering if I’d find friends or fit in. I am excited to have found life-long friends and opportunities to grow. USAO’s rich history and outstanding reputation as...

Preston Vasquez / Pre-Medicine

USAO’s scholarships allow me, and others, to achieve great success through great education.  

Justin Voight

Justin Voight/ Art (BFA)

I have found in these past 12-plus years since graduating a person needs every advantage to truly make it in this world. USAO gave me many of the intellectual tools that are essential to live an...

Rob Vollmar

If you have a dream that travels along the ‘road not taken,’ a liberal arts education will be the perfect companion. It prepared me for the unknown, taught me how to be adaptable, educable and,...

Dr. Chris Walker/ Associate Professor of Psychology / Division Chair of Social Sciences and Business

Since arriving at USAO in 2004, I have been able to work with an incredibly gifted set of colleagues and interact with bright and curious students. In short, USAO has offered me a wealth of...

Matt Watson / Economics

My liberal arts education taught me how to succeed in nearly any situation in which I find myself.

Dr. Stephen Weber/ Professor of Music

Students gain valuable critical thinking, analytical, creative problem solving and synthesizing skills through the IDS core. These skills give them a decided edge in the workplace.

Laura Wijkowski/ USAO Staff

My professional life has always been mission driven and centered around working with people. 

Kyle Yocham / Chemistry

I’m glad I transferred to USAO because the tuition is really affordable and the faculty are brilliant. The small classes really allow me to easily communicate with my instructors. I didn’t know how...