Teacher Certification in Social Studies

USAO’s teacher certification program in social studies qualifies individuals to teach the subject to students from 6th through 12th grades. The coursework combines courses in history, political science, geography, and sociology with the professional education core required in all of our teacher preparation programs.

This specialization examines the growth of political organizations, the development of social institutions, and the course of intellectual movements throughout human history.

The teacher certification program provides students with superior instruction in social studies disciplines while also giving them a solid foundation in how to pass on this knowledge in an elementary and secondary school setting.

All requirements for teacher certification programs are subject to change if new requirements are established by the Oklahoma State Board of Education, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education or the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability​ (OEQA).

Why Pursue a Teacher Certification in Social Studies at USAO?

Teacher Certification in Social Studies Degree Checksheet