USAO: college for the curious mind

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    Each April, USAO hosts the Spring Triad, featuring Montmartre Chalk Art Festival, the USAO Scholastic Meet and Droverstock Music Festival.
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    Our music department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music and offers several performance opportunities to students.
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    USAO's professors are ready to get their hands dirty to deliver top-notch instruction. Dive in today!
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    USAO is unique and attracts unique students who are curious about why things are the way they are. USAO is the college for the curious mind.
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    USAO sits on a wooded, 75-acre national historic district. It is the only college in Oklahoma on National Register of Historic Places.

Drover Proud

Dexter Nelson II

I love life on campus, everyone at USAO is like one big family.

Dr. Zach Simpson

Interdisciplinary study allows us to discuss and engage a topic from a number of different angles. In doing so, we hope to more realistically...

Denise Castillo / Anadarko, OK

I believe the American Indian Studies program is an interdisciplinary array of studies within itself. The range of topics from political, cultural...

Dr. Jennifer Long

Our core curriculum remains as innovative today as when it was created half a century ago. The team teaching model compels students to integrate...