Upcoming Events

7:00pm Jan 12, 2015
Station 82

A leader is only as good has her or his followers. In this workshop, we discuss what it means to foster collaboration and build trust among a team. Contact Roland Nunez for more information.

6:00pm Jan 14, 2015

Interested in getting more involved in campus life at USAO or joining a new club? Or maybe, just interested in creamy hot beverages? Join us for our trimesterly activities fair where more than 30 organizations will be present for you to browse, all while sipping delicious some hot cocoa courtesy of Sodexo. The event is part of Welcome Week hosted by Student Activities Board.

3:30pm Jan 20, 2015

Think you are ready for interviewing for your first full time job? Get plenty of practice and feedback by attending our Speed Interviewing program where you will be given mock interviews by faculty and staff. Contact Roland Nunez for more information.

8:00am Feb 06, 2015

Today is the last day to withdraw from a spring course.

7:00pm Feb 09, 2015
Station 82

The relationship between a leader and a follower is crucial in developing a strong team dynamic. In this workshop, we discuss how recognizing contributions and celebrating victories go a long way towards successful leadership. Contact Roland Nunez for more information.