Upcoming Student Life

Mock Rock

7:30pm Jan 29, 2015
Te Ata Auditorium

Res-Life is hosting a lip-synching contest for the second year in a row. This fun-filled event features USAO students and faculty imitate musical legends and not-so-legendary musicians. We promise hilarity will ensue. Join us for this free event!

7:00pm Feb 09, 2015
Station 82

The relationship between a leader and a follower is crucial in developing a strong team dynamic. In this workshop, we discuss how recognizing contributions and celebrating victories go a long way towards successful leadership. Contact Roland Nunez for more information.

Inspiration & Motivation: Leadership Conference 2015

6:00pm Feb 10, 2015
Davis Hall Amphitheatre

This year's Student Leadership Conference features keynote speaker David Moxley, an University of Oklahoma professor, who will address the vital role student leaders and the Millennial generation play in the future success of the country as well as globally. The conference is FREE and open to all USAO students, but students must sign up to attend. Register using the button below. Priority registration, which guarantees a conference T-shirt, ends Jan. 23.

11:00am Feb 18, 2015

Looking for a job? Representatives from several industries will come to USAO looking for exceptional candidates. This is your opportunity to ask questions about the company, research your field, and even apply for jobs! 

7:00pm Feb 18, 2015
Station 82