Upcoming Student Life

4:00pm Nov 04, 2014

The organizations/clubs on campus will put up a display in the oval and they must incorporate the homecoming theme and their club in the design/decoration of the display.

7:00pm Nov 04, 2014
Te Ata Auditorium

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, a hypnotist will put on a show for the campus.

6:00pm Nov 05, 2014

On Wednesday night from 6-8pm the Willy Wonka Scavenger Hunt will be held all around campus and there will be a prize for the winners.

7:00pm Nov 06, 2014
Te Ata Auditorium

A talent show where students will perform different acts in order to gain points toward homecoming. Faculty and staff are welcome to attend and perform if desired.

9:00am Nov 08, 2014
Station 82

We are excited to host our 4th Annual Family Day on November 8, 2014! Registration deadline is October 24.