Upcoming Events

9:00pm Apr 21, 2014

At our semesterly Pancake Bar, join us for free pancakes and toppings served by your very own faculty and staff. Take a break from your studying to relax, socialize, and eat as many pancakes as you want!

8:00am Apr 22, 2014

Last day for Tuesday and Thursday classes!

7:00pm Apr 22, 2014
The Oval

In this event, professors ask their students several trivia questions, ranging from class assignments and tests to  general trivia facts about life. If the student answers the question correctly, they get to pie the professor in the face. If the student gets it wrong, the professor gets to pie the student in the face.

8:00am Apr 23, 2014

Final Exam Days.

Good luck on your exams this week, Drovers! 

7:00pm Apr 23, 2014
Station 82

Join us for candies galore! This event brings candies from around the world that you can try out to appease your sweet tooth. We will also have a jelly bean-tasting competition. Think you know your jelly bean flavors?