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The University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma is pleased to provide the following information regarding our institution's graduation/completion rates. The information is provided in compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended. The rates reflect the graduation/completion status of students who enrolled during the 2013 school year and for whom 150% of the normal time-to-completion has elapsed.

During the fall semester of 2016, 203 first-time, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students entered USAO. After six (6) years (as of August 31, 2022), 40% of these students had graduated from our institution or completed their programs.

Breakdown of the current graduation rate

Male 44%
Female 38%
Non-resident Alien 15%
African American 25%
Native American 11%
Hispanic 35%
Caucasian 33%
Multi-racial 21%
Enrolled in Graduate School 22%
Pell Recipients 34%
Stafford Loan Recipients 40%
Pell and Loan Recipients 56%
No Financial Aid 44%
Athletes 33%

All graduate data provided by the USAO Institutional Research Office, except for the graduate school data, that is from the National Student Clearinghouse Student Tracker.

Athletes Who Received Athletic Aid

  Basketball Baseball CC/Track All other sports
Headcount 35 37 41 123
African American 10 N N 5
Asian N N N N
Caucasian 8 25 8 43
Hispanic N 5 N 5
Native American N N N N
Non-Resident Alien 6 N 23 40
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander N N N


Two or more races 6 N N


Unknown N N 5



Female 15 0 17


Male 20 37 24


No Response N N N


*N = Count not high enough to report, below five persons. Source: Financial Aid. 

Average Athletic Aid Graduation Rates by Sport, Gender, and Ethnicity

Questions related to this report should be directed to Kristi John, Institutional Research Analyst, at 405-574-1321.

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