English majors at USAO graduate with a broad knowledge-base in the craft of literature, the process of writing, and the history of how our language has changed throughout history. Courses focus on American, British and world literature, as well as critical theory, linguistics and various modes of writing, from poetry to business documents.

Majoring in English helps develop exceptional critical thinking skills because it requires students to examine ideas and actions through the lenses of storytelling, writing, and context.

A deeply interdisciplinary field that combines elements of philosophy, psychology, history, and more, our English program prepares graduates for diverse opportunities in teaching, creative writing, business and technical writing, or further study in graduate or law school.

Why Major in English at USAO?

Career Possibilities

Teacher Certification in English

USAO’s English teacher certification program prepares students to teach English grammar and literature from 6th through 12th grades. The coursework combines the bachelor’s degree in English with the professional education core required in all of our teacher preparation programs.

The teacher certification program provides students with superior instruction in literary techniques, theory, and history while also giving them a solid foundation in how to pass on this knowledge in a secondary school setting.

All requirements for teacher certification programs are subject to change if new requirements are established by the Oklahoma State Board of Education, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education or the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability​ (OEQA).

Why Pursue a Teacher Certification in English at USAO?

Degree Checksheets

English with Literature Emphasis Checksheet

English with Creative Writing Emphasis Degree Checksheet

English with Interdisciplinary Writing Emphasis Degree Checksheet

English with Teacher Certification Degree Checksheet

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