David   Duncan

Instructor of Digital Media Technology

David Duncan directory photo



David Duncan is the Instructor of Digital Media Technology at Science & Arts. He has been a member of the Science & Arts staff since 1999.

With more than 25 years of videography experience, Oklahoma native David Duncan does all things video-related and multimedia at Science & Arts. In addition to filming campus events and activities, he writes, directs, produces and films “Studio 18,” a bi-weekly comic variety show featuring B-movies, comedy sketches, guest interviews and prize giveaways hosted by a cast of Science & Arts students and staff members. The award-winning show is broadcast on Science & Arts’s public access channel and Podcasts worldwide.

His experience spans multiple fields and genres, including commercial, corporate, documentary, news and public affairs, classified military, radio and television advertising and feature film production.

David’s family consists of “two beautiful sisters, one incredibly talented brother and two wonderful parents.” Most of his family members have careers in the creative arts.