A proctor is someone who oversees an exam for a professor who cannot be present to give an exam. USAO professors may use proctors for makeup tests or when special accommodations are needed. A proctor may be required for online examinations or for correspondence course exams.

There is no fee for proctoring a course that is taught at USAO or for a current/past USAO student or alumni. However, the USAO Assessment Office charges a $15.00 proctoring fee for courses other than USAO taught paid directly to the Business Office. The receipt is then provided to the Assessment Office prior to beginning the exam.

You need to contact the Assessment Office to make an appointment and request that your school provide the appropriate proctoring procedures which the Assessment Office will follow for the testing.

Please email, call, or come by the Assessment Office and provide the following information: the students that will need the exam, the class, and any special procedures (time limits, notes accessible, etc.). The student can either set a time with us personally or if you have set a time with the student please let us know that time.